We are a proven partner, working together with our customers to meet requirements and then reach beyond them.

SRI is more than just an experienced contractor. We are a proven partner, working together with our customers to meet requirements and then reach beyond them, identifying underlying organizational goals and objectives, areas for continuous improvement, process streamlining, or increased quality. As a customer-focused, quality-driven organization, SRI thrives on doing more, on exceeding customer expectations, and providing service that is superior to every other contractor in our industry.

Our service is personalized and responsive. We do not employ a one-size-fits-all approach to requirements. While we draw upon our diverse knowledge base when approaching new requirements, we meet individually with every customer. We seek to understand their unique organizations and operations, the goals and objectives they have set for themselves and those to which they are held accountable, and the challenges to success. We incorporate that knowledge into our management approach, making our customers’ challenges our challenges, their goals our goals, and their successes our successes. To do so, we fully utilize and hold ourselves accountable to leading international standards for quality, including ISO 9001:2015 and CMMI Level 3 quality systems. We seek out industry best practices for process improvement and streamlining operations like Lean Six Sigma.

Customer-Focused, Quality-Driven

Supported by this outstanding management approach, SRI management and operational support personnel have the tools and resources available to meet customer requirements and exceed customer expectations. SRI employees are and have always been at the heart of our success. SRI employees are technically capable and possess the right blend of knowledge, skills, and experience to perform their duties with precision. However, SRI employees are more than just knowledgeable members of our staff. Every SRI employee embodies the spirit of SRI – an individual commitment to our customers and to the men and women in uniform who we support at military installations around the world.

In support of our service members, SRI employees come early and stay late. They work through the night, through weekends, and through holidays to ensure mobilizing troops move efficiently through processing and training requirements on their way to deployment and that demobilizing troops get home to their families. They take accuracy to new levels, processing payroll and financial transactions with nearly 100% accuracy – in excess of established Defense Financial Accounting Services (DFAS) standards. They reach out to service members and their families in need – those suffering from life-altering injuries, those starting new families or trying to keep families together during deployment, those dealing with the loss of a loved one, those looking for employment after military service, or even those needing something as simple as a new identification card. No matter how large or small the task, SRI employees do more and at SRI we take their contributions seriously, rewarding individuals and teams for all they do. As such, SRI continually maintains an attrition rate that is significantly below the national average.

Our proven past performance together with the accolades and awards of our customers and our industry, speak volumes to the combined success of our management approach and the commitment of our employees.